TattooMeNow Review: Read This Before Buying!

This is an unbiased review on the tattoo site, TattooMeNow. If you want to visit the official site, click here!

I got exclusive access to TattooMeNow and I was astounded with all the tattoos they had to look at on their site. I found links to their tattoos “Design Gallery”, which I looked at way longer than I should have. Their tattoo design gallery has 51 categories in it, including:

  • Abstract tattoos
  • Biker Tattoos
  • Celtic Tattoos
  • Chinese tattoos
  • Fantasy and mythical tattoos
  • Fish tattoos
  • Japanese tattoos
  • Lower back tattoos
  • And many more categories…

In fact, at this point in time Mark, from TattooMeNow, says that there are 4,852 designs in 40 categories, uh…NOT.  There are actually 51 categories, I counted them, so I imagine that there are more than 4,852 tattoo designs to choose from.

What I found next was the, “Members Gallery”, and the first thing that I noticed was the language selection option where you can choose from 43 different languages for your reading pleasure.  In the members gallery people who have gotten new tattoos can upload a picture of their new tattoo design for other members to see and comment on.

Here is a preview of some of the cool designs TattooMeNow they have on hand:

The information for the point and time that I went into the TattooMeNow members gallery was as follows; 2994 files in 39 albums and 1 categories with 3315 comments viewed 1317014 times… WOWZA!  That’s a lot of tattoo pictures (2994), and comments.  

The next tab was for TattooMeNow’s, “Studio Directory”.  Man, they think of everything! This section has a catalog of tattoo parlors. Not just for the United States either, but for 37 different countries. Incidentally, they have 6990 tattoo shops to choose from in the US alone.

They also have a forum, where members and artists alike, discuss tattoos. They tell their tattoo stories, recommend their favorite tattoo artists, and you can give TattooMeNow feedback and suggestions.  They even have an area where, if you are tired of tattoo talk, you can chat about whatever you want.

The next members section is the, “Video” section where you can submit and watch tattoo videos. 

These videos include “how to” videos for various topics, and user submitted videos including a rather disturbing one of some dude getting a tattoo on his butt.  OK, by disturbing, I really mean funny.  LOL!

There’s a lot of content on TattooMeNow, and a huge opportunity to build yourself a great tattoos catalog.  

With all the content on this site, you might even end up being a walking tattoos catalog yourself.  If that’s what you wish, have at it, you’ll definitely find the tattoo body are you’re looking for.

So there you have it.  I don’t know what more to say about TattooMeNow, except that their tattoos catalog is HUGE. It is a great resource for you, if you need a big tattoos catalog to choose from.

I found some cool tattoos and I am going to get tatted real soon. Pick your favorite one today!